I've been an avid reader since I was little, and started the blog series Caitlin Page Reads in 2019 when I began to chronicle the books I read. After all these years I still love it! 

I've been asked so many times what books I recommend and realized there had to be an easier way than scrolling back through old blog posts and Instagram highlights.

Enter this website - everything I've read is listed in alphabetical order by genre, along with an updated top 10 list. 

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Happy reading!

Hi! I'm Caitlin!

Click the photos to discover what I'm up to when I don't have a book in my hand.

Not Books

I have a huge garden and try to spend as much of the summer in it as I can!

My garden

King of snuggles, the main reason I'm distracted 95% of the time, and CEO of emotional support.


I'm blessed to live with the White Mountains of New Hampshire in my backyard and we love to spend the day hiking local mountains!


Most summer days you'll find me sitting on the beach at Ossipee Lake with a book in hand.

The Lake

I try to travel as much as possible in my down time and have a list a mile long of spots to visit.


I learned how to read at age 4 - if you ask my mother, she'd tell you that she vividly remembers sitting on the couch with me when I started to read The Little White Rabbit to her. I quickly started to read everything in sight, and from there it grew to be one of the loves of my life. I remember my parents telling me to go outside and play because I wouldn't stop reading, and I remember thinking how nice it would be to be able to walk and read at the same time (I was in elementary school). Ever since then, I read at every opportunity, and have been known to stay up all night long reading a series.

Truly nothing makes me happier than a trip to the library, and sometimes I have to take my dog with me just so that I have a time restriction there - otherwise I would peruse for HOURS. I have strong opinions on books being made into movies and TV shows, and can debate the merits of thematic elements with you all day long.

Go Tell The Bees

The English





That I Am Gone



My favorite genre:


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