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Top 10 WWII Books of 2019

Somehow – and weirdly so – this is one of my favorite genres. It’s so specific and I’m going to blame my cousin because she’s the one who gave me the majority of these recommendations!! Once I got into them, Amazon started to recommend more of the same genre and I could. Not. Stop. There are some truly incredible WWII based books out there, whether they’re fiction or not. This list WILL be compiled with works of fiction. In no particular order, here are my top 10 favorites!

  1. BENEATH A SCARLET SKY: Mark Sullivan
  2. LILAC GIRLS: Martha Hall Kelly
  3. SKELETONS AT THE FEAST: Chris Bohjalian
  4. THE ALICE NETWORK: Kate Quinn
  5. THE HUNTRESS: Kate Quinn
  6. THE PARIS SEAMSTRESS: Natasha Lester
  7. THE RAGGED EDGE OF NIGHT: Olivia Hawker
  9. THE ZOOKEEPERS WIFE: Diane Ackerman
  10. MANHATTAN BEACH: Jennifer Egan

Martha Hall Kelly has written a series (with the newest book coming out next year!) that follows a line of women through generations and wars. Lilac Girls followed WWII, Lost Roses was set during WWI, and her newest book, Sunflower Sisters, is set during the Civil War. I cannot WAIT to read that one!

Kate Quinn’s novels are unbelievable and unmatched. I especially loved The Huntress and reading more about the Night Witches (I *highly* recommend doing some research on these women). I couldn’t put it or The Alice Network down, and everyone who has read them has agreed!

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