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Romantic Comedy Reads

To preface this post – I don’t read a lot of romance books, although I do love a romcom book. I call them brain candy but most people would probably qualify them as beach reads. Here are a few that I read last year and in 2019, and I’ll add a few that have great ratings on Goodreads (although I haven’t read them!).

  1. Eligible: Curtis Sittenfeld
    This is apparently also part of a series called the Austen Project, although I thought it help up well as a stand-alone book. It’s a cute modern day retelling of Pride and Prejudice and was a quick read that I enjoyed.
  2. Matchmaking for Beginners: Maddie Dawson
    This is part of Kindle Unlimited if you have it – making this a free book to read! I actually really enjoyed this book, which surprised me. It’s a sweet story about a woman who’s randomly left a Brooklyn brownstone and all of its quirky tenants. I laughed, I cried, I was bummed when it ended.
  3. The Peachtree Bluff Series: Kristy Woodson Harvey
    The series follows 3 sisters (one per book) who end up back in their hometown in the South with their mother. Throughout the series, they are faced with the past, their life choices, and raising their families. These were pretty quick reads, and I loved the description of the town they resided in. You could easily read these as stand-alone books!
  4. The Rosie Project Series: Graeme Simsion
    I absolutely LOVED this series! I started out with the first book not knowing that it was a trilogy and couldn’t put it down. It follows a socially challenged professor who decides he needs a wife and puts together a survey to find one. The trilogy follows Don as he finds a wife, gets married, and has a child – and it’s so sweet and full of genuine heart.
  5. The Crazy Rich Asian Series: Kevin Kwan
    This is one of my favorite trilogies that I’ve ever read. They’re whimsical but based in complete fact. They’re fast-paced, full of unbelievable characters and settings, and just plain fun to read. They’re also great as stand-alone books. Also, the movie is a little bit different than the books, but it’s also a total pleasure to watch!! It’s the only time that I’m into the over the top content!!

Pretty much anything by Sophie Kinsella is guaranteed to be a funny & sweet read (more on that next week!). To be very honest, the way that I pick these books is by their cover. If it looks whimsical and bright colored, chances are that it’s a cute little romcom book. What can I say, it’s a totally proved hypothesis!

A few books I keep seeing floating around on Instagram Stories with good reviews are as follows:

  1. The Unhoneymooners: Christina Lauren
  2. Beach Read: Emily Henry
  3. Red, White & Royal Blue: Casey McQuiston
  4. Shipped: Angie Hockman
  5. Dating Mr. Darcy: Kate O’Keeffe

If you have any that you loved, leave them in the comments!!

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