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3rd Quarter of 2022

69. Well Matched: Jen DeLuca
70. It Happened One Summer: Tessa Bailey
71. The Hunting Party: Lucy Foley
72. Love at First Spite: Anna E. Collins
73. One Italian Summer: Rebecca Serle
74. The Tobacco Wives: Adele Myers
75. The Diamond Eye: Kate Quinn
76. One Night on the Island: Josie Silver

77. Surviving Savannah: Patti Callahan
78. House of Earth and Blood: Sarah J. Maas
79. House of Sky & Breath: Sarah J. Maas
80. Second First Impressions: Sally Thorne
81. Love at First: Kate Clayborn
82. The Ex Talk: Rachel Lynn Solomon
83. Funny You Should Ask: Elissa Sussman
84. The Book Woman’s Daughter: Kim Michele Richardson

85. The Therapist: BA Paris
86. Hour of the Witch: Chris Bohjalian
87. Mariana: Susanna Kearsley
88. A Brilliant Night of Stars and Ice: Rebecca Connolly
89. Float Plan: Trish Doller
90. The Brighter the Light: Mary Ellen Taylor
91. Where the Sky Begins: Rhys Bowen
92. Where the Lost Wander: Amy Harmon

This quarter’s stand-out favorites were: The Diamond EyeThe Crescent City SeriesFunny You Should Ask, and Where the Lost Wander.

The Diamond Eye: Kate Quinn can do absolutely no wrong, and this new book proves me correct. I couldn’t put it down! Based on a true story, we follow Mila Pavlichenko, a Ukrainian mother who is sent to fight Hitler after he invades Ukraine & Russia. Mila proves to be a lethal sniper who becomes known as Lady Death, and after her 300th kill, she is sent to America on a goodwill propaganda tour. Although she is belittled by the American public who can’t believe that woman could be such a deadly sniper, she manages to form a strong bond with Eleanor Roosevelt. Mila finds herself to be the sole target of a marksman while in Washington DC, and is in for the fight of her life. I’d never heard of Mila Pavlichenko before this book, and I absolutely loved the retelling of her story.

The Crescent City Series: Ok, we all know how I feel about ACOTAR at this point, so it was only fitting that I started the next series to keep me going – and this one didn’t disappoint! If ACOTAR was too much fantasy for you, skip this series. It requires much more suspended disbelief because it’s SIGNIFICANTLY more fantasy, but nevertheless, sucks you in just as quickly. If I tell you how many angels and monsters and creatures are in this, you won’t read it so take my advice and just dive in without reading a synopsis 😂. There are only 2 books so far in the series so sorry not sorry if you get sucked in and then IT ENDS ON A CLIFFHANGER.

Funny You Should Ask: This came very recommended and I loved it! It’s about a reporter who interviews a famous actor (who happens to be the background of her phone) and gets sucked into his orbit for a wild weekend. Ten years later, she’s back in LA and people still ask her about her incredibly famous profile on him. When his agent contacts her to do a second interview, she wants to say no because she wants to pretend that weekend never happened, but it always comes back to that rollercoaster seventy-two hours, so she says yes. This story was heavily inspired by a GQ interview with Chris Evans.

Where the Lost Wander: Normally my historical fiction veers towards WW2 storylines, but I was drawn in by the synopsis of this book. Naomi’s family heads west on the Oregon Trail in 1853 and faces more hardships and loss than they expected. They’re joined by John, a half-white, half-Pawnee Indian who unexpectedly bonds with Naomi during the journey. The story is fraught with sadness, perseverance, and love, and honestly was a fantastic read that reminded me that more historical fiction exists outside of WW2. Also, we’d just finished watching 1883 and the book had a TON of parallels to the show!

Quarter 3 is always a bit lighter since it’s in the depths of wedding season, but I read some great books this quarter, and can’t to show you what I’ve been reading in the 4th quarter!!

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